I am often asked for suggestions on reading material on various topics: computer science, systems programming, mathematics, art, etc. This is a bibliography of works that I have either read, watched, or at least skimmed enough to know they have the right things in them. Works are ordered by topic and sorted by authors’ names, and include writings, talks, and code. Some are written by me or my friends.

Citations are provided in a knockoff APA format. If the work is available for free offline, the title is a link to it.

Hover over the the titles for my commentary. In my comments, I offer a description of the work, an interesting question it poses or answers, or why it’s important to me.



Cryptography and Security

Data Structures and Optimization

Language Runtimes


These are primarily introductory monographs for those interested in getting a taste of the kinds of mathematics I like.

I’ve found trove of algebraic topology texts sitting in the virtual locker of Haynes Miller at MIT, who taught many of my favorite courses. It includes some of the texts listed above. Link.

Other Topics